Vision of the veil



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the veil

The veil is a pair of women and men’s wives.

The woman saw an accident in Mguenaha to extract or burn, or the like, it indicates the death of her husband or divorce her.

Although some felt that burned Mguenatha If the indicator for harmful to her husband from the king.

But felt that it was stolen Mguenatha indicates intercourse with a woman her husband was halal or haram.

And compelling vision of the woman and her husband interpreted values ​​which Istrha No matter where you see Shane or from Zain or color it shows on her husband, though not her husband, they accrue a man marry her.

In all, the vision or masked Muffler Aúlan on four aspects: the man and woman as husband and women and a server running on the one hand and the benefit of women.

The woman saw it and put her veil on her head in a forum of people plagued by scandal, it gets the order.

But saw it sought without a head cover, it indicates to kill her husband or is difficult from her family, and perhaps hit her husband of a woman is haram and was told her husband and a head cover capacity of capacity of her husband’s wealth.

The woman felt as if they put her veil from her head among the people went modesty.

And the vision of the lesion in the veil construed scourge of women in her husband that she had a husband.

But felt that the black veil worn vision shown to her husband’s foolishness and his poverty.

And the vision of the veil rainy evidence of deception by the enemies of women.

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