Vision of the veil

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the veil

Of the group saw the veil of an eyebrow or one is not good, especially if Abosa. It was the vision of a no-brow show about the seer was hates some of the crossings he put any term vision of where the brow of the sentence. It was of the opinion that he became an eyebrow was below that of those worthy of it there is nothing wrong. It was the vision of the brow to block the evil, and was unarmed Mahmoud employers jobs and stability in things, and was told inauguration into two categories: those who were ăÔßćŃ Biography in office is better and the elevation and who was disgraced and interpreted his removal, and was unarmed Secretariat and the reign of The Covenant also isolated.

Vision of governors

Who saw it and automatically by the excessive, though he saw him do what he hates is not good, as well as what he loves doing that with him it is not considered by the oppressor, even if well. It was the vision of what the governor did not deny where there is nothing wrong with the name deriving from the state. It was said of the governor saw the form of undesirable Vtaoelh Htkh against thieves.

Vision of a group of footnote

Saw one of the owners of the religious functions is good, a blessing and grace, though the owners of the mundane jobs Increased livelihood and renewal and is said to begin tasks.

The vision of householders Vtobeirh recently from his job Kalababih cleaner and arrogance and Alharidaria Secretariat, cleaner and Lafrahin go g and Anas what did not issue them sweep the issued is not Mahmoud will come his statement and Alrqaibdaria bravery and courage and told lies and corruption and philosophy, as well as the servants of the stables.

The Nomadic For two reasons: either the gospel or a disaster.

The Alambrdaria Alclanrh There is no good and not good and it was said impurity in dresses.

The vision of birds comes in the door he put it.

The vision group kitchen multiplicity of words and tired of earning a living.

The religion of Alsagaún and pious and fertile, and perhaps work a good work.

The janitors, it became a janitor saw that it was not Fidel examines the door to spend on his needs and Allah knows best.

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