Seeing The Vision of the walls and the walls In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the walls and the walls In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the walls and the walls In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of the walls and the walls

The foundation is more the piety and piety were closely linked.

Ibn Sirin said: Wall construed in no man in this world, it is considered that the wall and they loathe each other, it indicates the forces on the goodness in this world unchanged by the thickness of the wall .

It felt: it sabotages a wall and was obsolete, it indicates the water or get the flag, though it is a new GM fall ill and misfortune as much as Okhrabh from the wall, albeit weak, thin wall, it shows the weakness in lower case and ordered him to retreat.

It felt: it is based on the wall it does not correct his command.

It felt: that hung against the wall, it indicates the disappearance of the status and livelihood.

It felt: he had raised the wall, it was of relevance, it amounts to the position of a man, though not that it helps him verbally.

It felt: that the demolition of a wall it drops from earning a living man or destroy him.

It felt: that he had filed a wall or a wall was built desolate it seeks the goodness of man has spoiled things.

It felt: that the city wall of a mosque or a calamity, it fell to MH that place.

It felt: it sabotages a wall it anachronistic Salah case, although the new Vddh.

It felt: it builds a wall, the milk was of clay and it shows the true religion and its secretariat.

It felt: it builds a wall of plaster, it indicates the intention to change his religion and corruption.

The squadron it cunning and the entry of human Ye Back hated him.

But saw it as pure water is a living from harm, even if its common or unclean by it Aml cunning and they get it and grief .

The woman is discreetly Alokhbayh password, it is felt that the thing was the interior of the things attributed to him for what that thing, and saw-free, these women are not the approval of what he wants them and Allah knows best.


Vision of the doors and opened and closed

Daniel said: a woman who interpreted the door, it is believed that the doors opened was unknown or known, it gets him good and grace, and that was on the edge of the road, this happens quickly.

It felt: that the house doors opened in front of it to get money from the pot and hand Jalil save it for his family.

It felt: to close the door of his home vandalized or burned it or evidence of a great misfortune and hardship and the entry of some people to his home because of a disaster.

It felt: that move the panel door or streaming was told, God responds to his prayer and find something required by opens up the door at a resolution of the Almighty God answered his call for victory and win over the enemy and was told the house doors, all to express the sense of one, but the entrance door more than that in its meaning.

It felt: it is making a new door or lock it preaches a woman and marry her and take off the door divorce women and rip the door insisted her death.

It felt: that he is a carpenter to make a new door, it marries a virgin.

It felt: There is no door closed with what it is by a woman marries a virgin.

It felt: a thing of the classes Atasaron monsters to his door and screaming by his children, young people mean.

It felt: the door of his house two or Mstabtin it shows that like other members of his household should beware of that.

It felt: that the sky has opened the door it shows the opening of doors of good things and livelihoods to the people of that place.

In all, the vision of the door shall devolve on the three aspects: one owner of the house and the second woman and third server, and the gate of the city it is construed Balhajp King and concierge.

It felt as if he opened the doors to his home until his vision exceeded the limit shown on the ruins of the house and the disabled, and that exceed the limit shown on the capacity of a living and to clarify its doors on it.

It felt: it cut the door panel, it enters into heresy.

It felt: as if it wants to close the door closes it prevents about something unspeakable. It was of the opinion that opened the doors of his home from many places, they open the doors of this world to him and accept him.

It felt: that the door of his home, it is a great powerful good condition and only returned to the owner of interpretation and went to where it does not know it for a great misfortune in the house.

It felt: that the door of his home lying that it had a weak healed quickly and healed, and perhaps the gospel and good health, and safety.

It felt: that the door to his home outside the house is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that the door of his home dam it a great calamity coming down the people of the house.

It felt: he wants to close the door and can not, this is too hard for him by a woman.

It felt: that the Pope of his door in the middle of a small house, it would be the entrance to the women alone.

It felt: that he entered the door on a people, it gains control of his need and triumph over his enemies and to invalidate the argument _khasmaúh says “Enter the door on them, if you enter, you Galbon.”

It felt: that he came out of the door did not intend to come out of the lute, it is.

It felt: that he came out of the narrow door to the capacity or is it a huge Salah al-Faraj and the best and who they are.

It felt: it is not guided by the Pope asked him something and he asked the mystified not reported it to pieces.

It felt: that Oskfah the door removed, the owner of the house called his wife.

It felt: that the threshold of riding it home marry a woman.

It felt: it opens the door a man known for it uses the request of his need and he gains by the verse, “The Tsfhawwa has come to conquest.”

It felt: he wants to open the door, it was a hardship and was not able to try it, it is not indigestion, which asks receives nothing.

It felt: that a new door and closed it Drbsa marry a woman and marries her.

It felt: it has opened the closed door of the term it is released worry and distress and gets him better than a place Aamlh not die and was told his wife and marry the other door and close the paradox of a woman.

It considers that: Samar door that it increases a woman’s love in what did not prevent entry.

It felt: he sold his door he sells his servant. The door of the mosque Faúl a woman judge.

Construed and the bathroom door a woman hairdresser .

Khan and the door of a woman who is vulnerable construed .

And the door of the castle and interpreted the Lord of things people spend job on his hands, and perhaps we have .

And the door of the shop construed monogamous employers pension .

And Bab al-Hakim’s wife Bimarstan construed .

It felt: that he came to the door did not enter the income from the other it is construed in three ways: if the people of righteousness and sought in order secular from the king of kings, it does not ask employers and functions in this, but requested it and too hard that it, and probably earned it did not prove it , although the corruption of the people it will come on a woman in her rectum and was told to commit sin. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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