Vision of things related to the dead

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of things related to the dead

Of the opinion that the dead dancing it hilarious what is it, because death will invalidate the life and actions, and said all he does the dead from the Abominations Kalmlahi and other not Mahmoud, and was originally the vision of the deceased if the visions in a dream and it does something nice when Salah in the matter of his religion and worldly affairs, he urged the seer to do good, and if it works in accordance with visions of a bad Anhah it from doing evil deeds, and left.

It felt: he was looking for the fact that it looks for dead in the event of his life.

It felt: that the dead in the place of vague and then picked up and the place and returned the Spirit, the seer and attributed the gain wisdom and lawful money.

It felt: it teaches the dead and preach it because some people astray for their misguided.

It felt: that Mlguena or other went down to the pit, it is dead commit adultery.

It felt: that he came to a dead hole and found the fire, it shows the ugliness of the work of the seer and his warning, and the owner of the pit may have been guilty of heresy and misguidance, as well as that which he considered a thing of the vermin.

It felt: that distinguish bones of the dead, it is making his money in his favor.

But felt that it collects money and get the benefitĀ .

It felt: that the dead from passing wind, it is noteworthy Balaqbih.

It felt: that no one misses it addresses the dead by giving charity.

It felt: that he has come out from a dead thing of things Kalpol and faeces and pus, blood, sputum, phlegm, and so it is at in two ways: Do not interpret because it can not release it from it, and said to interpret everything from that of the meaning of the above, and comes on the heel, and was probably the type of other things that he sees Almabron Pferash in meaning.

It felt: from the dead, what surprised him, it is wonder people get it.

It felt: that place of residence was in it is dead, it has the amount of the matters of religion and the world.

It felt: that the place fell from above by the seer came and revealed that he found them dead, it is interpreted as the occurrence of death in that hand, and God knows best.


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