Vision of vinegar


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of vinegar

 Of the opinion that eating vinegar with money, which it construed to be the good and the pool and eat it too good for saying peace be upon him: Yes Aladam vinegar, and was told if the acidity of vinegar plus it shows distress and hostility.

And the vision of vinegar Rizk old student and things get what he means and resolve the contract to derive his name, especially those who had used or collected .

 It felt: he eats bread vinegar it shows longevity and strengthen it.

 It felt: that eating vinegar with honey it is construed Ptkhalath worry and joy.

And the vision of all the works which add to the acidity of the vinegar unless it is construed by the sweetness of patience and sadness, but if the pickles plus the sweetness of something not quite a Mahmoud, God knows .

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