Vision of wheezing


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of wheezing

The whistling is not Mahmoud, it indicates the Sacred and the block is indicated by the worry and grief for the rich, and perhaps the commission of what should not.

Vision of singing

The singing, the voice was good moneymaking Fidel was not the voice of good selling and paying for losing.

The singer Faúl on three aspects: the world and sage or masculine.

The singing in the market for the rich and the poor exposed the demise of the mind.

The singing in the shower singing the words vague and originally demonstrates the validity of the dispute.

It felt: he sings in a position located there is talk or lied Kidd differentiate between loved ones because the first essential of Satan to God with him.

Revelation Hair

The Hair For ways:

If the wisdom and admonition, and so is good and get the reward and the reward was said shows the wisdom of saying peace be upon him: that of the hair for a reason, though there is nothing that he says is false and false to the verse, “and poets followed by the perverse you not seen that in every valley wander. ”

It felt: it seeks poetry that it was Tghazla Alnaah indicated, although it also offers Foaz and an admonition, but it Hjoa words of lies and hypocrisy and the acquisition of Mathm.

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