Seeing The Vision of women In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of women In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of women In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of women

They saw an old man of the world may it goes, especially if the lack of shameful and ugly.

It felt: it carries an elderly or Ietiha it will be called the world and the Mgesa them and bestowed on them as much as Maatadth and old unknown is stronger than the old well-known, it was of the good and the habit pure as a people met the minimum forbidden or distasteful in religion, it was shaggy Mqharh ugly not a bad religion no religion and no Zain.

It felt: a good woman or speak to her or Akhaltha Adhagha or Alaabha or entered it in his house, they fertilized years and the good and pleasure, albeit a poor gets his money and livelihood, and Faraj was imprisoned with him.

It felt: a woman and ordered people Tnhahm in God is good in religion, especially if it’s behind me.

It felt: the number of women were transferred to a place they brought workers to the people of that country.

It felt: a woman contends with him and got them disgust and aversion to the demise of great blessing it, and was told that it was the same as its removal and ordered him to divide and rule as it was back then, and arranged his affairs. And was told the woman saw what he saw a shaggy never going to be something of it, it was a good find after that. It was of the opinion that before the woman went from nothing, and that intercourse with her no good.

It felt: that his wife went with his money or other merit and is not well in his religion and was richer and the world wide.

It felt: that his wife gave him a pair is the other woman or leave her or Ikhasamha.

It felt: that his wife afford it get richer and the better he gets. It was of the opinion that a good woman, the patient was revived, albeit confined Farajallah him or worried Farajallah worry and distress.

It felt: a woman slut or a prostitute, if the people of goodness and religion is better and increase the pool, although it is the people of corruption, it would be the lack of religion and the commission of a kitchen for the evil and harm.

It felt: that his wife calls a man, it was pregnant with a boy comes, and were not pregnant, it is for the benefit and good.

It felt: that the woman sterile carried it a good sign and good in this world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that his wife returned an old man there is nothing good in it.

But felt that his wife grew well and beautiful is an increase in religious and worldly affairs, and for good and benefit.

It felt: that his wife became committed to the order of immorality or hated it so be Dd.

It felt: that his wife ascetic worshiper, it is neither good nor fair.

It felt: that a group of women who look and are important to him or one of them invites him to it is a slander upon him innocent, and perhaps get his purpose could not later than promised.

It felt: many women Echtsamn it is a wonderful things happening in this world of confusion for some people, but against that Vtobeirh bet against him. It was the vision of women in terms of the sentence is good, especially if the next shot it or cheerful face, and beautiful woman said money does not keep him because beauty is changing.

But felt as if a young woman turns to him ordered him to accept her face after the backs.

If a woman sees a young woman is her enemy in any case saw them.

And the vision of obese women devolve Khasab Almhezwlh Bjdubha year and not good in the old vision only if Metzana exposed. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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