Vision of worms


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of worms

 As for worms, it shall be construed ways:

Money and benefit the children and was hated .

 It felt: Duda on his clothes, it is construed money.

 It felt: Duda scattering of his body, it is construed injury suite and Eyal.

 It felt: a friendly place which may include a very large state.

 It felt: that the worms eat the flesh of his family and eat from his modesty.

 It felt: green friendly, it interpreted a woman is valid and was told Dodd abdominal construed Bayal Alhvoukan.

And the vision of worms if you met in the benefits accrue up Kids or servants to be president .

 It felt: that the meat in his house, and signed the worms eat it, it is construed that his family ate from the wealth of others.

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