Seeing The Vision orchards In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision orchards In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision orchards In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision orchards

Daniel said: Al Bustan woman, it is felt that it irrigates his garden construed intercourse, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that a thing of the Bbustanh Almhmomat it is construed in favor Bold.

It felt: that the peach tree Bbustanh Bold construed it useful to learn science and literature.

It felt: that his orchard and has fruit trees and ate some of it shows that he marry the woman of his money and gets the benefit of them.

It felt: that he entered the orchard in the autumn days Vtsaqt by the trees of paper it shows they get distressed and moodiness live.

It felt: that in the palace garden and trees and has greenery and water, beautiful woman that he construed it die a martyr.

It felt: it has a grove of trees by the fruit Vtsaqt it shows quarreling Sharif and the victory it.

It felt: that in the grove which was lying on a high place it shows the large number of his descendants, and was a man who interpreted a large garden with a wealth and beauty.

It felt: an orchard in the days of summer and has Mkhaddra the fruits of it came a flood Vaqtalh it shows the destruction of property of, or isolate the factor that place.

It felt: that he entered the grove and saw it as a lion, it shows the governor of that place win over his enemies.

It felt: orchard was launched by the fire indicates the sudden death of the governor of that place.

It felt: that the wolves and the fishermen that it interpreted the ruling unjustly.

But felt that it construed the sheep and the spoil of obtaining money .

It felt: the cows and donkeys, it indicates an increased suite and served, money and blessing.

It felt: that the horses, it shows the people of the bones.

It felt: that some of the orchard trees flew it shows that the Lashkar-e-King not to each era.

It felt: that he entered the orchard gathered from Vokha and off and went out of his home it shows for the benefit of good and by the King.

It felt: that the orchard had bloomed and good it is interpreted in good his job and his work.

It felt: that the fruit orchard small and there are no green Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: orchard was not the place where it is interpreted by King comes a new place.

It felt: an orchard in the days of spring it is construed Bgeor King in his parish.

It felt: that he planted an orchard and grew it construed the marriage of a woman and get good and benefit.

In all, the vision grove interpreted the seven aspects: a woman, born and live, and to raise money and pleasure and confidential.

And the vision of a woman Bustan value. It was the vision of gardens and garden shows forgiveness to the verse, “I said, Ask forgiveness from your Lord, He is Oft sent to you in abundance” verse. And may indicate that the vision of the Annunciation .

It felt: that none of them irrigates his garden to his wife may consider other.

It felt: live in an orchard, it indicates the land and tree protectors. It was of the opinion that he entered the orchard found him full of all the things it for livelihood and the good and benefit, especially if it something to reap the verse, “Gardens of the joy of what you” verse.

It felt: Well, it affects the orchard money from the beautiful woman and a woman invites him to the same refrain, it is kicking the certificate and enter Paradise. It was the view of the orchard Well, it affects the money from a rich woman.

It felt: Sakiet irrigated orchard, did not yield a thing it shows that his wife is not happy Botih.

It felt: that the orchard is irrigated from the legs for it will come with his wife in her rectum Supplies construed House Sultan or ruler, it entered the orchard, it enters one house. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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