Seeing The Vision OS In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision OS In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision OS In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision OS

As for OS, Kirmani said: Server is the value of the house and was told the house.

It felt: a lamp illuminating it often interpreted the king a just and equitable judge or scientist Zahid and shall be for the people of that place the wedding and hospitality and great activity.

It felt: his hand a lamp illuminating it alive boys and permissible for him to glory and the state, although the seer evildoer it is due to God and repent of his sins, though a polytheist alive and guidance, and that he is a Muslim and kicking the success of obedience to the verse, “and as a lamp giving light” verse.

It felt: that the lamp in his hand, which was extinguished, it indicates the death of his son and his own lack of pride, and not to the success of obedience.

It felt: a lamp in his hand Pftilleten Mocodtin it alive and religion in the belly of one, and OS was the heart and increase the light power in religion and to be Neil.

It felt: that Kindle lamp illuminating it benefit note.

It felt: as if the breath of a lamp extinguish it wants to invalidate the order does not invalidate the right man for the verse, “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but God’s light die.”

It felt: like a walk in the SE during the day, it would be very straight the way of religion to the verse, “and makes you light Tmhun it.”

It felt: that walking at night in the SE it strive.

It felt: as if a lamp in his home income Sultan or a scholar or a son blessed Rizk, the SE had a light of the sun Kdu it saves the Koran and interpreted.

It felt: that the lamp lit his strong favor of it interpreted the values ​​of goodness of the house, and saw him otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that his light went Tafi and interpreted it in bad light if the values ​​of home and change his poverty and his affairs or cut from a place that is mentioned in it, and perhaps indicated by his death or the death of his son if he was in his vision is evidence of that.

It felt: afraid of him with his hand a lamp light Tafi Boukovh construed it to one of death, given that Matt was extinguished, but not be extinguished safely period.

It felt: it fit a lamp, it construed the good news of the safety of the patient.

It felt: a lamp ascended to the sky, then it is no longer interpreted the rise of the spirit and space for it.

In all, the vision OS construed fourteen face: the king and a judge and a boy and a wedding is great and the mandate of the House and the honor and pleasure and knowledge and wealth and live a good and benefit of current and, seeing as he had seen.

Vision of wax

The wax, Ibn Sirin said: Almighty and the State of wax.

It felt: in his home candle Mocodh it devolves increase of glory and grace, and the state.

It felt: in his home and the home candle Mocodh Munawar its light for it shows a great boon in that year his business and be profitable and was told his children the Movqon gets.

It felt: he took the candle from the hand of a Mocodh it shows for glory and power of that man.

It felt: a candle in his hand Mocodh died out, it indicates the death of his wife, and were not a woman, it indicates to change the conditions.

It felt: he was in his hand a candle Mocodh Votafoha it shows one envies what is its grace.

It felt: that the candle in his hand and the lack of light Mocodh it shows a lack of grace and his state.

It felt: a candle in his hand is Mocodh it shows a little something for the above.

It felt: his hand or his home Mocodh candle that had a woman give birth to a boy, though it charms marry or buy under way, though it is absent in the travel it comes to safety.

It felt: in his hometown of many candles Mocodh it shows the king of that city justice and judges and leaders and to the large number of weddings and weddings.

It felt: Mocodh many candles in a mosque or a school, it demonstrates the functioning of the people of that place in science and good deeds and acts of worship, and the candle was born generous and good.

In all, the vision of a candle shall devolve on the fourteen face: the king and a judge and a boy and a wedding, and entry into force of the principality and is home and the joy and science of living and the richness and Hene, ongoing and as he saw a woman and seer. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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