Vision Rusks


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Rusks

 The Rusks it construed Brozk savers, and perhaps those who indicated his intention to travel and whenever it is dry, the finest, and perhaps showed his vision to end things come to him the benefit and survival, among other commendable vision.

Revelation CD

 The disc, if rinsing is reported in the grace and soft is better than land and the large number of basic needs for the highest quality in terms of the sentence and one disk was born when other and divided by the group of income. It was the vision of what works the exact phrase, whether to us or dried it does good and a blessing and benefit, money and a pond because it is a column of religion and the life of souls and has strengthens the rights on the request of his living and obedience to God, and perhaps indicates that science and Islam, and perhaps money does a human life is Mahmoud on any the face was, especially for those who eat it.


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