Vision scientists

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision scientists

Of the opinion that he became a scientist, which was originally ignorant of the view that people accept and follow his words saying that Fidel Hakarth in the eyes of the people mentioned in their mouths and what is not appropriate, but if he knew and saw that it testifies to the high honor and destiny.

It felt: that he had happened to him deny Fidel vigilance in its mockery of Islam.

It felt: a world made him sit near or word or words it utilized construed obtaining good and benefit.

It felt: scientists and people working it and benefit from it you mean it is metal and gets people benefit from it.

In all, the vision of the world devolves on four aspects: altitude as much as Izz and prestige, acceptance and the state.

Vision of scholars

Of the opinion it is better known jurist and pleasure, but did not know he is a good man into the position you see it.

It felt: it became a jurist and was therefore eligible to receive glory and elevation, but from the people of States must be followed by the state.

It felt: he wears dressed scholars of his family if it is an increase in the jurisprudence, although not as well as jurisprudence and Atalps Traúvh and have little knowledge of it and said to the honor and the greatness of Izz and said conversion of the warrant is to the other.

It felt: it became a jurist polite, it shall be governed by the function.

It felt: he knows none of the boys in something it becomes utilized.

It felt: it has become one of jurists jurist is not good it was said that he is ignorant of jurisprudence and leaves.

It felt: a group of witnesses, it shows for mercy, and was told is right and the trial was told there is nothing wrong vision of the witnesses.

But felt alone and needed something to those who see him and did not find more than one it indicates that it is not in initiating some of the rest is and is not .

It felt: it has become a witness, it follows the path of truth and knowledge of the unseen was employed.

It felt: that one witness testifies falsely and it is for him to harm himself and others is not good in this vision.

It felt: one of the Sufis and others increase it in religion.

It felt: none of the saints and the righteous and the substitutes and Majaveb it for good, a blessing, security and was told they are out of the distressed to the joy and pleasure.

It felt: that Tzaa uniforms and was therefore eligible to get out of the security and fear to grief to joy to the verse, “not the friends of Allah, no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

It felt: none of the mentioned in this section and told him it would be a particular order.

It felt: Tbagesoa group and argued, the band was probably saying to them, the other he put Dd case.

It felt: a group gathered for the feast, the feast was known and it is better for Izz Al Baha, though unknown, it is disliked for.

In all, the vision of the banquet construed ten aspects: the birth of the Prophet peace be upon him and his vision and marriage and childbed and circumcision and the health of the disease and the arrival of the absent consolation dead and vow to meet and hospitality group.

It felt: a thing of the poor Msmoat Some of them say that it was good for the meeting of the poor and some of them said that it is not good for being the Mlahia and God knows best.


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