Vision shops

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision shops

They draw on

A good woman and depression, and living and the position and for the benefit and good in things, it is felt that sat in the shop owned by others without his consent, it tends to be forbidden because of the women creatures .

In all, the vision of the shop construed to six aspects: a woman and live a good and Izz Gah and commendable things, and the high and nail.

It felt: he sat in the shop, it will benefit good.

It felt: that he exceeded his shop where accident occurred or Sean get it or not is a disaster and depression of living.

It felt: he sat in the shop and was qualified to state a position, it shall be the higher the shop was commendable.

The shop that put the machine it replaced the dead lift, is gaining from it.The shop is a watering place gets him good and livelihood for the private and public sectors.

It felt: that his shop vandalized or looted for it is attributed to him with hated it and it gets very loss.

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