Vision slippers

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Slippers: (Glass slippers; Hoof; Protection; Wooden clogs; Wooden slippers.) Slippers in a dream represent property, protection, a ring, or preventing evil happening. Wearing a pair of slippers in a dream also means a journey, or travelling by sea, or it could mean buying a new vehicle. Tight slippers in a dream means tightness in one’s livelihood, entanglements, or being pursued by debt collectors. Removing one’s slippers in a dream means putting an end to one’s strains. Wearing embroidered slippers coupled with a shawl over one’s shoulders in a dream means increase in one’s wealth and respect. Wearing them in the winter is more beneficial then wearing them in the summer where they mean distress. Seeing one’s slippers on fire or if they fall into a well in a dream may mean the death of one’s wife. In a dream, a pair of new slippers that are elongated like a boat means tight circumstances and debts. Slippers in a dream also represent money which is earned from a foreign country or from an import and export business. If slippers in a dream are interpreted to mean protection, then losing them in a dream could mean loss of one’sjob. If they are interpreted


to mean religion, then losing them in a dream means relief from difficulties, or an end to one’s trials. Wearing a pair ofsimple slippers in a dream means taking a trip to a distant place, or a marriage to a young virgin. If one’s slippers are worn-out in a dream, it means that one may marry an unwed woman or a widow. Losing a slipper in a dream means losing half of one’s assets. Finding a pair of lost slippers in a dream means occupying oneself with worldly business rather than serving one’s benefits in the hereafter, or it could mean delinquency in attending one’s religious duties. Wearing wooden slippers in a dream means repentance from sin, engaging in an argument, acquiring knowledge, or exposing a secret one would rather conceal from others. Walking with glass slippers in a dream means being a hypocrite and a bad companion whose friendship does not last, and whoever befriends someone wearing glass slippers in a dream will suffer from adversities and hardships because of him. (Also see Wooden clogs)

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision slippers

The slippers are numerous and reflect on the ways:

The insoles that are for travel Vlbsaa travel, which was attended by the woman.

It felt: that wearing slippers Mahdutin walked with them in the way of meaning it travels, but lost them or something, it resides in the weakness of his gives it willingly.

It felt: that Ni’lin not walk wearing them set foot in it a woman or ongoing, albeit Alnalan new Faúlan virgin.

It felt: that he gave Nala Vahrzha in a dress or a bowl or a woman, it made progress, but they cut a virgin.

It felt: he walks in the insole Fajtalt one on his leg and walked sole. One, this parting brother or sister, or partner on the back of the travel or die or divorce his wife, sell his servant or die of them, and perhaps indicates that near him after the expiration of one year.

It felt: it is lost or signed in a well or overcome by the woman of his family is located between them and then return to the abandonment of the first intact.

It felt: that stole his shoe to wear it or else it is construed that someone murdered his wife.

It felt: that one and then lost his shoe tuberculosis and found that after the construction therefore seek hard money and then bestowed.

It felt: that his shoe extracted by force or burned or cut it live for his hatred of what is meant by Balnalin wear in a man of Alzerames and Alzerabil and Altuasim and so on, and was interpreted Alzermozh black woman modestly from the rich.

It felt: Zrmozh white, it shows a beautiful woman and red woman cohabiting and green woman Starh, and the inscriptions they accrue a woman the types mentioned, and was told if Alzermozh of cowhide, they woman were foreign, but from the skin of sheep or goats it is an Arab woman, especially if the Nolha of skin beauty.

It felt: that Zrmozath occurred in the place can not be accessed, walking barefoot, it indicates that for sorrow and distress and lack of privacy, and may indicate the death of his wife, and if the vision is evidence of good Alhvae does not affect him.

It felt: that he gave it to one he called his wife and marry others, and may grant the servant for one.

It felt: to attract someone of his hand until Zrmozath stranded and got him to do it harmful to interpret the death of his wife.

It felt: that an individual wearing them, walking by, it indicates a lack of sharp traveling. It was good to see Alzerzh antique from her grandmother.

It felt: that Ni’lin wear it travels on land.

It felt: that he walks with them in his council set foot in it and the sole woman hairy woman Mahdhu is attributed to the kind and the lump-heel sandals and sterile woman was told to marry a woman without a valid contract, and perhaps without the crown.

It felt: that his shoe in place Fanfrd the dish did not fall his wife gives birth to a daughter, and attached to the dish Batabq the life of the girl goes with her mother, and fell, they die.

It felt: that he thought his shoe patches flaw with his wife and treat her kindly, and other Riqaha indicated that spoil his wife.

It felt: that he had paid his shoe to shoe for the repairs he appointed his wife to commit a sin and sole of silver construed woman a new well and lead a woman weak and fire shrew and leather horse woman from the Arabs and the skin of seven women from the sultans of darkness, and said to take off sole security and achieve the mandate of the verse “Take off your shoes.” It was a walk in the glabrous sole travel in obedience to God.

It felt: nothing written on the sole of it shows that his wife mix in its affairs.

It felt: that his Nala Amadfora of cotton, it construed a woman reader religious famous good, and was told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I like to walk Benalin Vangta Hesa ​​one of them left her and went on my case said Alec brother absent said yes, said Okhrjtma to the land left him there and returned said Yes Fastrdja Ibn Sirin said and what I see your brother only has the minimum difference of Ford obituary soon.

In all, the vision of what is worn in a man of Zrmozh or Sabat or Xeon or horseshoe or Tasomh or the like shall be construed seven aspects: a woman and a server, current, power and money, benefit and travel.

It felt: he walks in the sole of yellow, it construed the blessing and happiness, as stated in the hadeeth which is true: in the sole of the shoe is still yellow and pleasure at the pool and has a manual also says, “is bright yellow color is gone viewers”.

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