Vision sores and fever

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision sores and fever

Who saw his body in Guba as much or as one, it is feared the owner of the money demand, and said words are built in the body which gets printed by the lack of, and may be hated for something, and the health of those Vmahmoudh, but not Universal access the money.

It felt: that on his body a thing of the sores and it affects Alnoapt exaggerated haram money, unless you are in the neck, it’s debt and the secretariats of it.

It felt: in the body of something that was said Faúl illness and get his wife and her relatives said hit with whips and was said to eat the meat of people’s alibi and gossip, and perhaps draw out the sores as he sees it.

It felt: that it overheated anguish as they get worried and distressed.

But felt that it Balbardh get something in which the vanquished and not in the visions never good .

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