Vision stripes

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision stripes

 Of the opinion that he drinks a drink from a vessel or other and it be fine if it is fresh length of life and living and the benefit, though it Schena disease and sickness, though it is Kadra become worried, anxious to speak on the water in his class in progress Alabhr door.

 It felt: he drinks something known, it is better interpreted the accession of those attributed to him that at the origin of the expression.

 It felt: that he drank nothing origin of the drug it is a drug, though its origin of the damage is not good, and perhaps get money obtaining harmful and drinking water melon construed in two ways: for the weak recovery and others, and was told that he disease and was told money and benefit, and the drinking laxatives Vtkdmt in separated, As for drinking milk, it comes in the door.

 It felt: he drinks something sweet and smell good, such as cider and Citron, pomegranate and the like it shows on six aspects: purity in religion and the benefit of science and useful, and live a long life and remembrance of Allah Almighty.

 It felt: he drinks something like sour syrup Ribas and bitter orange and lemon syrup and the like which have a mild odor, it indicates sorrow and grief and harmful.

 It felt: he drinks something smelly like a bitter drink absinthe and drink Alzovh and Ace and the like, it shows the good and benefit, and good in the religion and the world.

 It felt: he drinks something mild taste good smell like syrup lute and violet syrup and offline and the like, it indicates to mention the beautiful and the improvement and praise as much as drinking them and said to each drink yellow color is evidence of the disease and all that drink easily is evidence cure disease and avoid right what hurts, though unpleasant taste even Esegh is hardly going to be followed by healing of disease and was told drink Suwaiq good religion and travel guide in obedience to God for the verse, “and equipped themselves with the best provision is piety.” It was of the opinion that he drinks something blown from it which is where the matter has reached the end and said to have run out of old, the other has remained the rest of him remained.

 It felt: that he drank a drink mixed with something hated not good, but nothing like there is nothing wrong.

 It felt: that drink the bitter cup of drink it away and vacuum cup of life, especially to the patient.

Ibn Sirin said: Pemphigus drink before the benefit of his servant .

 It felt: he drinks pemphigus it gets him well and benefit from the server as much as drinking.

 It felt: that he gave to a pemphigus it shows for benefit.

 It felt: that the cone of pemphigus occurred when his hand Fbdd what it shows for a drink was harmful and pemphigus demonstrates the kiss.

 It felt: that he did not drink Faqaaa never know what taste it shows Alosavl service, although pemphigus sweet and taste good, it demonstrates the utility of Alosavl get, even if it gets sour him from harmful Alosavl.

 In all, the vision of drinking pemphigus construed to four aspects: the benefit and service and a kiss and service Alosavl and the demise of sorrow and distress.

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